Aluminium Bronze AB1

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Aluminium bronze AB1 has good strength and wear resistance with reasonable machining properties. AB1 resists tarnishing and high-temperature oxidation.Sidhartha Metal Company products are strictly tested on quality grounds for ensuring optimum results. Owing to their high strength, low oxidation rates and high corrosion resistance, our products of AB1 grade are highly acclaimed in the market. Aluminium Bronze AB1 confirms to the requirements of BS 1400 standard and finds its application where corrosion resistance is required such as marine, oil or chemical industries.

Aluminium Bronze AB1 Bar
Aluminium Bronze AB1 Bar
Aluminium Bronze Alloys
Aluminium Bronze Alloys

Aluminium Bronze AB1 Similar Standards :

  • AS1565-1985 C95210
  • B.S. 1490 AB1
  • A.S.T.M. 952
  • S.A.E. 68A/68B

Aluminium Bronze Applications (Aluminium Bronze AB1) :

  • Marine
  • Oil And Chemical Industry As Valve Fittings
  • Pump Rods
  • Bolts
  • Propellers And Propeller Shafts
  • Spark Plug Bodies
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Gear Wheels
  • Worm Wheels
  • Valve Seats

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